Yasham supports the communities at Ambedkar Nagar, Machchimar Nagar, Navy Nagar and Murti Nagar at Cuffe Parade.


G. D. Somani Centre

We run a centre at G.D. Somani School, Cuffe Parade to teach basic English, Mathematics and Value Systems to students from Grade 1 upwards. Most of the children in the community are first generation school goers. They therefore have access to limited academic assistance at home., which leads to learning gaps. To bridge these learning gaps, the curriculum at the centre is designed to assist the children to grasp the basic English and mathematical skills and equip them to handle the grade level curriculum. The children are also taught basic values of hygiene and being a good citizen.


CAS Program

Students of Bombay International School, Cathedral and John Connon School and B. D. Somani School provide art, music, sport and remedial education to the children at our centre as a part of their CAS program.

Health Care

We conduct health camps for children to identify health issues and offer treatment for the same. Health ailments in the family are also attended to. We have tied up with N.M. Medical and several doctors in the area to provide the required medical assistance. Our volunteers personally attend to the children requiring further treatments and accompany them to clinics & hospitals. They conduct regular follow-ups to ensure that the health complaint is resolved.


Women Empowerment

Yasham runs stitching, making paper & clothes bags, crotchet classes in the community to enable women to earn a living. English speaking classes and counselling sessions are also conducted to assist women.

Youth Skilling

Youth skilling programs in the areas of accounting and beauty and wellness are conducted in the community and placements are secured for the candidates. Talent contests are held to identify potential artists in the community. Young artists in the community are being deployed to commission portraits and illustrate books.

Community Enrichment

Community Enrichment programs such as anti-alcoholism and cleanliness drives are often carried out in the community. We have tied up with the head of the Alcoholics Anonymous program in the area to deliver the anti-alcoholism program and several Rotary members are assisting in the cleanliness drives.


Yasham supports the communities at Prem Nagar, Siddharth Nagar and BDD Chawls at Worli Naka.


Takshasheela Centre

We run a centre at Takshasheela Buddha Vihar at Worli Naka. At the centre, the students are taught proficiency in English, core mathematical skills and basic values to be a good citizen. We continuously upgrade our curriculum to keep abreast of the latest advancements in education. We impart knowledge using audio, visual, sensorial, kinaesthetic aids. Experts in various fields impart soft skills, art, music and sports education to the children

Health Care

We conduct regular health check ups for the children to identify any underlying health problems. We have tied up with Optic Site opticians in Tardeo to provide free spectacles to the students.

Youth Mobilisation

Yasham offers skilling program for youth in the areas of hospitality and Beauty & Wellness.