1. Education

Education is the first priority for even the poorest echelons of the impoverished population. They have one dream and that is to "Educate my child" The learning gaps for the first generation of school goers in the formal education system are significant.
Yasham provides quality education to underprivileged children to bridge this learning gap. We use latest tools and technology, to supplement the formal school education. We focus on proficiency in English, basic Mathematical skills and Value Systems. Art, Culture, Sports and Field trips are part of the curriculum, to promote experiential learning.


2. Healthcare

Studies have repeatedly shown that the holistic development of a child is hampered by poor health and nutrition. Malnutrition and simple unattended health complaints such as a toothache or an eye problem have the potential to have material impact on academic outcomes. Chronic health problems in the family also act as an impediment.
Yasham provides healthcare facilities to children and their families to enable the families to better focus on the development of the child. We improve the nutrition of the children by providing healthy snacks to them at our centres.

3. Women Empowerment

Women are the critical pillars in any family. An empowered mother is a role model for the child. She can instil a sense of self-confidence and inculcate grand aspirations in her child.
Yasham empowers women primarily through livelihood programs and provides them with supplemental English speaking classes.


4. Youth Mobilisation

Hum Honge Kamyab!

Today's Youth will be the future of tomorrow in our country. It is critical that we equip them with the necessary skills to enable them to be gainfully employed in the future and achieve their ambitions.
Yasham runs "Hum Honge Kamyab" program for skill development, career placement, mentoring and counselling programs for the youth in the community. We also take an active interest in developing future artists by running talent contests.

5. Community Enrichment

Good values and practices uplift a community.
Yasham offers counselling, anti-alcoholism programs, cleanliness drives and elderly care to the families. We work at the grass root level, interacting constantly with the community members to transform them in to self sufficient and learning communities.


Sunn Zara (Lend me an ear)
Mentor Program

Sunn Zara program is an initiative to mentor women and youth in the slum communities.
The program was launched during Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdown period was very traumatic for the underprivileged, as not only were they more susceptible to the infection due to their unhygienic surroundings and lack of social distancing, but they also lost their means of livelihood. It was imperative for us to support them in their time of crisis. And often just a few minutes of effective listening was enough to help them feel cared about and more confident about what to do.
Today the program has grown with mentors volunteering from all corners of the country and overseas. The mentors provide socio-emotional support and conversational English skills to the mentees.
Our aim is to reach out to the most vulnerable persons in the community, to improve their self-confidence, boost their self-esteem and empower them to be productive citizens.

Our Impact






Women / Youth

Our Partners

  • India Infoline Foundation
  • Wellknown Polyesters Limited
  • Puneet Syntex Private Limited
  • G.D. Somani School
  • Bombay International School
  • The Cathedral and John Connon School
  • B.D. Somani School
  • SRCC Children's Hospital
  • N M Medical
  • Optics Site

Our Success Stories


Sarika, our bright third grade student attended a Hindi Medium School. She wanted to switch over to an English Medium School but the school wanted to demote her by a grade, to enable her to catch up with grade level curriculum. She was reluctant to lose a year. Her teacher at Yasham followed up with the school and reassured them that she would tutor Babita to make her ready for the grade curriculum. The teacher diligently tutored Babita and she passed the entrance test with flying colours and is now a proud student of the English Medium School.

Yasham wanted to start stitching classes for women in the Ambedkar Nagar Community but could not find a suitable place. Sachin and Neelam, parents of one of our students, offered their home. In the tiny place of about 100 square meters, where 7 members of the household live, they accommodated three sewing machines. They refused to accept any compensation, their sole motivation being the well-being of the community.

Yashoda (name changed to protect identity), a student at our stitching classes was a victim of domestic abuse. Her husband would not even let her step outside the house without his permission. She hesitantly joined our stitching classes. The skillset that she developed at the classes and the support she received from Yasham teachers gave her the courage to stand up to her abusive husband. She is an independent and empowered member of her household today.