As per the Multidimensional Poverty Index compiled by the United Nations Development Program, over 370 million people live in multidimensional poverty in India.* Aside from lack of money, multidimensional poverty encompasses other factors such as limited education and poor healthcare and nutrition.
Yasham employs a multi-faceted approach to alleviate the multidimensional poverty in India. Yasham provides and supports education, healthcare, women empowerment, youth mobilisation and community enrichment programs for communities.

* United Nations Development Program Multidimensional Poverty Index figures for 2016-17.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to educate, enlighten and empower the future generations through holistic education

Our Mission

Every child deserves a chance at life irrespective of his or her background. We empower children to maximize their potential and transform their lives.

How it began

Yasham came in to existence when three friends Sunita Mandelia, Smita Kaushal and Shilpa Bhagat joined hands to educate the children at NSS school in Mumbai, India.

Sunita always believed in power of education. She was tutoring her maid's son and became distraught with the fact that he was in grade five of a semi English school and did not know a word of English. She decided to extend teaching support to the entire school to bridge this learning gap.

Smita was inspired by her son Dhruv Kaushal to start educating underprivileged children. Dhruv was deeply moved by the widespread prevalence of children excluded from the formal education system in India. Smita and Dhruv put their prior experience in children's education charities together to set up the foundation.

Shilpa was cofounder of Cuddles Foundation that was involved in cancer relief for underprivileged children. She was distressed by their lack of access to education. She gladly reached out to promote the education initiative. She has been actively involved in launching several initiatives for the foundation.

हम honge कामयाब

Students currently studying in class 11th,12th and final year of college who are not able to financially fund their coaching and need guidance and support for their careers in the following fields.

  • JEE
  • NEET
  • CA
  • LAW
  • ARMY
  • NAVY

Yasham Foundation, a Mumbai Based NGO has tied up with reputed educational portals and coaching institutions that offer free coaching or charge a nominal fee to help these students.

The coaching provided will be completely online and students from all over India 🇮🇳 can contact YASHAM FOUNDATION and make their dreams come true. Students are requested to fill this Google form to get registered with us: -

Google form link (FOR ACADEMIC COURSES)



👉 https://forms.gle/D2CbMEWmkLgL65LD7

For any queries, you can contact us through WhatsApp and email.

Email id: contact@yashamfoundation.org

WhatsApp No: 9820373390

*Let's help spread this message like wildfire so that we can get children from ALL OVER INDIA 🇮🇳 to apply and take the nation forward. * 🧑‍🎓

एक पढ़ी लिखी अखिल भारतीय सेना बनाने की बहुत ही छोटी कोशिश है l 📖 📚

Our Team

Sunita Mandelia

Sunita is a gold medallist in Psychology (Honours) from Mumbai University. She is a writer and poet. Her book of poetries 'Bhanwar' has been published by The Write Place Publications, an initiative by Crossword Bookstores Limited. She has been involved in various social pursuits such as education, healthcare and women empowerment.

Smita Kaushal

Smita is a qualified chartered accountant and lawyer and has worked with several multinational organisations in India and overseas. She has extensive experience of the social sector through her involvement with several not-for profit organisations in Mumbai

Shilpa Bhagat

Shilpa is a qualified management graduate and has worked with HDFC Bank in the past. She was also crowned Mrs India World 2013. She has been involved with a number of not-for profit organisations working in the areas education and cancer relief.