About Us

We educate, enlighten and empower the future generations through holistic education.

Yasham Children

Every child deserves a chance at life irrespective of his or her background. We empower children to maximize their potential and transform their lives Our endeavour is to provide quality education, using the latest tools and technology. We supplement formal school education by conducting after school classes for students, to develop them in to productive members of the society.

Yasham Communities

Child is the product of the community that nurtures him. It is very essential to uplift the communities to fully support the children in every aspect of life. We enrich our communities through education, healthcare, women empowerment, youth mobilisation and community enrichment programs.




Covid Relief

Most of the families in our communities are daily wage workers who lost their livelihood because of the lockdowns imposed due to the Covid pandemic.
Yasham proactively reached out to these families before any other aid could reach them.
We are supporting the families by providing them with food and other essential items.
If we you wish to contribute, please visit our Donation page.